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All events from 2009


On 2nd of July, 2009, I got informed that I have an assured university place at the FH Joanneum Kapfenberg for the extra-occupational study "Software Design". It will start on 25th of September, 2009. More...

From 27th of July, 2009, I had a big influenzal infection. Especially in the first four days I had about 39° C fever, which I decrased using Paracetamol, additionaly I had a cough. Also I had asitia, but the positive effect of that was that I lost my weight as planned soonly before I got sick: 87,1 kg at 19,7% fat and 55,9% water. More...


On 22nd of August, 2009, Astrid and I have watched a flat in Leoben, that we both liked very much. The flat is in and has a size of 88 m² and a big balkony, similar to our current flat. Presumably we will move to Leoben in middle of October, so that I can go already from Leoben to Kapfenberg at my second presence appointment at the Fachhochschule. More...

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