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All events in March 2008


Between 8th and 15th of March, 2008, Andrei and Marina from Belarus were with us. They slept in the future room of our son, Tobias. On Saturday, 8th of March, 2008, we met each other in Vienna, where they arrived in the morning with the airplane. We have spent the day together in Vienna and on the late afternoon we went together by train to Graz. On Sunday, we walked a little bit through Graz. Then we had lunch together with my grandmother, my mother, Carmen, Tom, Katrin, and Gregor at a chinese restaurant. On Monday, Andrei and Marina had a look at Graz. On Tuesday, we were together in Loipersdorf and enjoyed the thermal water and the sauna. On Wednesday, we have been for skiing on Weinebene. Admittedly, only Andrei and I, Marina was not brave enough. However, I must agree that Andrei is a good skier. On Thursday, Astrid and I have visited the new shopping center "EKZ Graz Nord" while Andrei and Marina were in the city. In the evening, we first have been to "3 goldene Kugeln" (famous restaunrant group in Graz) to eat some schnitzel. After that, we have been on the Murinsel (Mur = river in Graz; Insel = island) to drink a cocktail. On Friday, we have shown Leoben to Andrei and Marina, and in the evening, we ate chocolate fondue together. On Saturday, Andrei and Marina went to Vienna by train in the early morning, to fly back to Minsk from there. More...

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