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All events in June 2007


Between 8th and 11th of June, 2007, Astrid and me had been on a trip to the french départment "Île de France" and to the capital of France - Paris. It was very wonderful there and we have seen a lot of things. We have been to all famous places, also if we haven't been inside everywhere because of time and also sometimes for money reasons.

If you want to see photos, take a look here: More...

On 24th of June, 2007, we removed all things from our old kitchen and put those things in the living room and in the working room to be temporary kept there. More...

On 26th of June, 2007, we said "Good Bye" to our old kitchen. Astrid's brother and father came to us and worked hard to seperate all the parts from each other. Then Astrid, her brother and I carried all the things in the cellar, where they will stay until we found someone who needs the kitchen. Seperating all the parts from each other was an exciting task, because the kitchen was built to be used for 100 years or so. Also, we found some interesting objects which layed there for may be 20 years or even more... I don't have a clue. Just look at the nice pictured we took.

Photos from our old kitchen and our emergency kitchen More...

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