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Michael Kremser's homepage

About Michi

Behind Great!Soft is a computer scientist, who was born on 20th of September, 1979 in Graz (Austria), and has fun with everything belonging computers and technics. This includes programming in C#, VB, Java etc., as well as network administration, I am the man for everything. ;-) But this homepage should't pay attention to these topics, its primary purpose is to inform about my personality.

Focus on...

Here you find some articles I wrote belonging different topics. It's about things I think about or things I explain here so that I don't have to explain them again and again. Most pages are in german only.

My motto Here you will find a text describing what I generally think about life and how I try to live it.
Mein "Logbuch" Ich erwähne es ab und zu - hier liest man, was es damit auf sich hat.
Traumfrau Meine Mindestanforderungen an den PC meiner Traumfrau ;-)

My motto
In this text I try to describe how I try to live my life, although I know that this is not always happening. First of all I think that there is no ultimate truth. Everything in life is relative. Really nothing is perfect hence there are no people without errors. That's the reason why in general I live my life how I think it's right. I don't follow strict principles, even if they promise me to come to paradise after work on this earth if I act on them. My fellow men and everything else on this planet counts for me, not some virtual archetype. I only believe in myself because no power is stronger then the beliefe in onesself. I judge things as I think it is correct, not as some organisation or law wants to have. I live my own life, not the life of someone else. I also don't blame on some false god if something went wrong because I know that only I am responsible for my life, noone else. I believe in myself and my success, though I know that life is an up and down: There are no bad days for me, there are just good days and days where I learnt something. There are no bad people for me, just people with different point of views. Human beings are always more valuable for me than things. I am not envious to anyone because I think everyone has advantages in his life. I don't rely on furtune, I just trust myself. I am honest to my fellow men while trying not to hurt them. I enjoy my life and treasure all nature and all people I like. I never judge on people because of the feeling they have.
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